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Meltdown for Math & Literacy


DimensionU’s Meltdown for Math and Literacy is an amazing mobile game for practicing and improving Math and/or Literacy (English/Language Arts) skills for grades 2 – 10. The app is free, and requires a valid DimensionU user account. Just install the app and sign-in with your existing username and password.Embedded instructional help codes and game tutorials are readily accessible to assist players. Just tap the “?” for assistance- It’s like a built-in tutor!
Each player can customize their skill practice while still competing with others who may be playing on different skills, levels or subject areas.
Players earn points by correctly answering questions, and developing an efficient game-play strategy. Points earned convert automatically into DimensionU Tokens (DUTs) and can be used to acquire Power-Ups for in-game use or new Avatar customizations.
Full review of all incorrectly answered questions is provided to students.
Classroom educators can use the Teachers by DimensionU app to set-up custom Meltdown game rooms for their classes that allow for team-based games.